This directory contains updates of the translations.

Often it is not possible to have all supported languages
up to date when a package is released.  So from time
to time we may release updates of the translations here.

You need gnupg and tar to unpack them. You can do it like 
this (zz is the languages code):

  cd gnupg-1.x.y/po
  gpg gnupg-1.x.y-zz.tar.gpg
Now check that the signature is valid.  This means that the
translations is identical to the one we have in our archives.
It does not mean that the translations has been verified by 
the signer to be correct - this is obvious because developers 
usually prefer to learn programming languages over real ones.

Now do:

  tar xf gnupg-1.x.y-zz.tar
  make install