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ipxe-rhcert - Redhat hwcert custom ipxe image

Website: http://ipxe.org/
License: GPLv2 with additional permissions and BSD
Vendor: Virtuozzo
Custom ipxe image for use in hardware certification and validation


ipxe-rhcert-20181214-8.git133f4c47.vz8.1.noarch [354 KiB] Changelog by Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy (2021-06-18):
- debugcon: use correct QEMU debugcon port
- console: enable QEMU debugcon logging
- hyperv: adjust to partial QEMU compliance
- add Hyper-V rom type
- hyperv: recognize OVMF's guest OS id
- vmbus: drop vmbus_has_data
- vmbus: factor out API to be shared with UEFI driver
- efi: import HypervVmbusDevice header from edk2
- efi: export HypervVmbusDevice protocol GUID
- efi_vmbus: add driver for VMBus devices for OVMF

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