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libvcmmd-devel - Development files for libvcmmd

License: LGPLv2.1
Vendor: Virtuozzo
This package contains header files and libraries needed for developing software
that uses libvcmmd.


libvcmmd-devel-8.0.10-1.vz7.x86_64 [12 KiB] Changelog by VZ Auto Builder (2022-04-29):
- Update vz7 tag to dist-vz7-u19 (Andrey Drobyshev
 - vcmmd_get_ve_config: treat empty config (i.e. empty D-Bus array) as valid
(Andrey Drobyshev <andrey.drobyshev@virtuozzo.com>) (#PSBM-139974)
 - Remove dist-vz7-u19 build target (Andrey Drobyshev
 - Replace dist-vz9-alpha build target with dist-vz9-beta (Andrey Drobyshev
 - Add dist-vz7-u19 build tag (Andrey Drobyshev

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